remember the first rainbow snowcone pic I did 8 months ago ? well I drew it again! (see here for better resolution and to compare w/ the old one)

Human!toothiana w/ promarkers

hello there! i am not dead, yep :] 

i just finished this for an art trade with a friend, so here’s Berny (that BEARD though… *cough*), one of her OCs

i also noticed we are now more than 200! thank you guys wow, I love you!

i’m gonna draw some more kigo/elsanna/whatever fanart soon, i promise!

Family. [x]

have a transparent hiccstrid/toothjumper fanart! hope you like it :’]

I keep drawing her and I’m not even sorry

color palette thing


Catch me if you can by Juckalope

please reblog it from here instead:

I FINISHED IT *dies suddenly*

Here we are, Elsa and Anna in a Hogwarts!AU and playing Quidditch as Seekers (from a RP with a friend)! I hope you like it…!

background here

best quality here

i just burst from laughing

it’s meh

high res

have some KiGo! :) 

Elsanna WIP :) I’m not dead guys!

I adore your style :D How often do you sketch?

wow, thank you! 

well it depends of my mood, sometimes it’s really impulsive and kind of intense (then I can draw several sketches every day), and sometimes I don’t draw at all for days… but whatever happens, I try to draw as often as I can, even when I dislike it


promarker thing

Here’s a request I did for someone on deviantart :) I worked really hard on it… but t’was fun, really

btw better quality here